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Residential Brick and Mortar Repair

Residential Brick and Mortar Repair

Residential Brick and Mortar Repair Residential Brick and Mortar Repair


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Is your Brick or Masonry Siding Cracked or Damaged?

Did you know cracks and damaged brick might create serious concerns?
Brick Repair protects you from these issues.

1. Water Damage – Brick repair protects  your home against water flowing through any available opening in your  brick veneer. If water finds its way through the brick of your home, it  can cause damage to your personal property as well as your carpets, your  home’s structural framework, and the sheet rock on your interior walls  and ceiling.

2. Falling Objects –  Protect against bricks, brick walls, and various brick structures from  falling. These falling brick could cause serious injury or death,  opening you up to major liability. Brick archways are a prime example of  this.

3. Property Value –  Protect the value of your property. By repairing the brick veneer  around your home, potential buyers are less likely to be apprehensive  about the price. 

4. Excessive Heating/Cooling Costs – Brick Repair helps to keep utility costs to a minimum. When the  bricks have been repaired, the wind can no longer draft the  heated/cooled air out of your brick home through the cracks in the brick  veneer.

5. Pests –   Protect your home and family from various infestations. Various animals  and insects find cracks in your brick home appealing, especially the  large cracks, because they are warm in the winter and cool in the  summer. If you have such cracks in your brick, be cautious of possible  infestations. They will find a means of entry. Some of the most common  are: 

  • Spiders - Black Widow and Brown Recluse 
  • Snakes - Poisonous and Non-Poisonous 
  • Lizards - Chameleons and others 
  • Rodents - Rats, Squirrels, Mice, and Bats 
  • Insects - Scorpions, Fire Ants, Roaches, Termites and many others 
  • Birds - Many nest building varieties 
  • A variety of other creatures 

Many  of the above pests, once inside the brick, will spread throughout your  home and you can have a serious infestation problem. 

All  of these concerns can be resolved by having the experts at CRACKMASTER  repair the cracked or damaged brick and mortar around your masonry home.